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Tiffany Cole was born and raised in San Francisco California and is now based in London. She is a se

Tiffany Cole was born and raised in San Francisco California and is now based in London. She is a self-taught artist whose work revolves around the female form. “I am so interested and consumed with the beauty and sensuality of the feminine essence and I feel like I get to tell stories with my hands and create the worlds that I had kept trapped in my mind for so many years, and I’m finding with my work I’m able to give a voice to the inner thoughts of many women I’ve come to meet.” Tiffany adds abstraction to her work to leave the viewers eye filled with different and unexpected marks juxtaposed against the human form.

Tiffany Cole


Based in London, born in 1993, Abi has only been a part of the art scene for little more than 3 years and in that short space of time, her paintings have gained the attention of several patrons (including an art critic for the New York Times), the ‘Lexus Prize’ at the Hampstead Art Fair for best work in show out of more than 300 artists,  3 solo shows and 2 artist residencies- one in the Himalayas with no access to roads or electricity, and more recently, a 6 month, immersive experience in a former brothel in East London. Her work is a explores taunting child-hood memories and Abi's evolving sexuality.

Abi Joy Samuel

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Our community of thriving global artists

Our life drawing sessions are anything but ordinary. Incentivised by the global pandemic, artists Tiffany Cole and Abi Joy Samuel founded 'The Virtual Figure' online life drawing sessions. 


By bringing aspiring artists from all over the World, The Virtual Figure provides the chance to practice figure drawing, whilst working virtually alongside major figurative artists. For the first time, attendees can copy line for line the most intricate of techniques, as if a fly on the wall of an artist's studio.


No longer confined to bedrooms, studios and art schools, The Virtual Figure is a chance to be a part of the world created by Henrik, Tiffany and Abi, a community of thriving global artists. 

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