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Utah, USA

Except for a short time at the University of Utah, Bryce has directed his own educational path. He has often learned skills in no particular order. In his own words:


"I learned about painting from a sculptor- I don't think that’s something that happens everyday. I can’t even imagine myself not painting or sculpting."


His sculpture work cemented his belief in the value of truly understanding anatomy and the human form. Bryce continually moves around the spiral of rendering the figure in paint, he finds himself discovering how to say more with less, to convey the essence of emotion, character and human experience with fewer highly defined details and more telling gesture, more emphasis on shadow and light. 


He tells his students they’ll know when they get the form right with sculpture by the way the light falls on it; and with figurative painting, when the light is executed just so, it makes de form look right.

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