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I, Andrey Samarin, professional graphic artist. I've been drawing all my life. Having started at the age of 5 in an art studio, having passed an art school, he received his first higher education in the specialty "Design" at the North Caucasus Federal University. You may have seen my work on the Internet. They are often replicated by art publics. My personal audience on social networks is 1 million people. My secret is that I am not only a professional artist, but also a specialist in the field of neurolinguistics. And I build all of my teaching models by combining academic knowledge of drawing with knowledge of the processes of human thought. This is what helps me achieve results in a short time and makes the training as effective as possible.
I rely on the Russian academic school - the world's strongest school of drawing.
In 2003 I created the first private art studio in Russia, taught painting and drawing for many years. 

Andrey Samarin: Team Members
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