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"The Virtual Figure provides an online series of creative classes hosted by leading artists from all over the world."


The Virtual Figure is an online series of creative classes, hosted by leading artists from all over the world. It was born out of artists Tiffany Cole and Abi Joy Samuel's love of creating art with their community. With the world-wide stay at home orders, they understood the incredible importance of continuing to have a creative outlet.


Art-making and viewing art allows us to process our experiences, helps us to express and to understand the world around us and is a proven tool for stress reduction and well being. There are countless studies into the physical and mental benefits of making art, with proven long-term benefits like boosting your brain function and immune systems, as well as contributing positively to mental and emotional health. Art helps us process trauma, express difficult feelings, and work through experiences.


This strong purpose to continue creating art within a community even during the pandemic, birthed 'The Virtual Figure'. Our goal is to facilitate a beautifully creative environment for every skill level, but our sessions are anything but ordinary: The Virtual Figure provides the chance to practice drawing and painting, whilst working virtually alongside professional artists, attaining a new perspective and set of skills with each session. For the first time, attendees can copy line for line the most intricate of techniques, as if a fly on the wall of an artist's studio. This creates the perfect opportunity for employees of companies and corporations to fully express themselves, decrease their stress levels while learning new skills.


Weekly Life Drawing

One way to make art is to practice drawing the human form from a model. We will teach you how to do this by breaking down the figure into simple steps.

Explore creative technqiues

There are so many fun ways to express yourself in art. We hand select a different professional artist for each session who will be able to teach you an entirely new perspective to life drawing. This way, you can learn to value your own creative voice.

Get in the zone

With each session lasting 2 hours, we aim to take your creativity to places you never even imagined, allowing you to enter an entirely new zone, improve your focus and discover a whole new you.

"Our goal is to facilitate a beautifully creative environment for every skill level"

The Virtual Figure - Meet The Creator

Tiffany Cole

Tiffany Cole was born and raised in San Francisco California and is now based in London. She is a self-taught artist whose work revolves around the female form. “I am so interested and consumed with the beauty and sensuality of the feminine essence and I feel like I get to tell stories with my hands and create the worlds that I had kept trapped in my mind for so many years, and I’m finding with my work I’m able to give a voice to the inner thoughts of many women I’ve come to meet.” Tiffany adds abstraction to her work to leave the viewers eye filled with different and unexpected marks juxtaposed against the human form.

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